• CHARGES: Two DUI’S in 4 months.
    FACING: 2 years in Jail. Possible felony.
    FACTS: Blood Alcohol 4x the Legal Limit
  • CHARGES: Attempted Murder
    FACING: 15 years to Life
  • CHARGES: 2 DUI’S and 2 accidents in 2 months.
    FACING: 2 years in county jail.
  • CHARGES: 3rd Offense DUI.
    FACING: 1 Year in Jail, Ignition Interlock. Fines.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No Jail. No fines.
  • CHARGES: Felony assault, criminal threats.
    FACING: 6 years in Prison.
    COURT: Client facing 2 strikes.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No Jail.
  • CHARGES: Felony drugs for Sale.
    FACING: 6 Years in Prison.
    FACTS: Client w/drugs, scales and cash.
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED. No jail.
  • CHARGES: DUI. Refusal allegation.
    FACING: License Suspension for 1 year.
    FACTS: Client had 12 pack then gets refusal.
    RESULT: License SAVED.
    FACING: 3 Years in Prison. 3 year License Susp.
    FACTS: Major accident. High B.A.C.
  • CHARGES: Assault w/deadly weapon.
    FACING: 1 Year Jail. 1 Year Counseling. Fines.
    FACTS: Flashlight on neighbor
    RESULT: Charges DISMISSED Prior to Trial.
  • CHARGES: Embezzlment, 11 felony counts.
    FACING: 5 years in prison. Huge Fines.
    FACTS: $35K in theft over 1 year.
    RESULT: 10 days community labor. DISMISSAL in 3 years.
  • CHARGES: Robbery. Felony Assault. Threats.
    FACING: 3 Strikes. Over 20 years in Prison.

Important Information for Norwalk Criminal Cases.

An arrest is usually the first step in a criminal case.

The Norwalk Police Department, located on 12335 Civic Center Drive, is the main agency that patrols the city of Norwalk.

If you have a criminal case pending in the Norwalk Superior Court, you need the local criminal defense lawyer that know that court and its policies inside and out.

Norwalk Criminal Defense Attorneys Anthony Arzili and Associates have helped hundreds of clients with their felony cases over the past decade.  They’ve had incredible success in all felony charges, including: Murder, Attempted Murder, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Gun Charges, Domestic Violence, Drug Sales, Probation Violations, Grand Theft, Embezzlement, Gang Charges, DUI with Injuries, Sex Crimes, Molestation, Rape, Sexual Assault, and Resisting Arrest.

Photo of a legal documents and a person's shadow.
Norwalk Criminal Courthouse, located directly across the street from Arzili  & Associates law offices.

Norwalk Criminal Courthouse, located directly across the street from Arzili & Associates law offices.

The Norwalk Criminal Courthouse is located on 12720 Norwalk Blvd. Norwalk, California 90650.

The Arzili & Associates law offices are located conveniently across the street from the court at 12749 Norwalk Blvd. Norwalk, California 90650.

They do not handle anything but criminal cases, and this allows them to know their specialty, Criminal Defense, better than anyone.   That expertise, coupled with their strong relationships with Norwalk Judges and Prosecutors, provides them with the ability to deliver outstanding results for their clients.

How do cases get to Norwalk Criminal Court?

If you have an upcoming court date in the Norwalk Criminal Courthouse in Norwalk, California, chances are that your case started out in another court.  The Norwalk Criminal Court is the setting for the second half of most felony cases in the Whittier, Norwalk, Downey and Bellflower (Los Cerritos) courts.   If you are charged with a felony in any of the above cities, your case will start in the local court and then be transferred to the Norwalk Criminal Court for Trial.

The reason for the transfer is because felony cases are split into two major stages.  The first stage consists of the arraignment and the preliminary hearing.   At the preliminary hearing, the judge decides if there is sufficient evidence of felony charges.   If there is sufficient evidence, then your case is then “bound over” or transferred to the Norwalk Court and assigned to a specific Judge in Norwalk.    For a list of the departments and the Judges Assigned to them, please click here. http://www.lasuperiorcourt.org/Locations/Norwalk.htm

I have my first appearance in Norwalk Court, what should I expect?

Your first appearance is your arraignment and essentially it’s the date where you are advised of your charges and enter a plea.  Norwalk Criminal Defense Attorneys Anthony Arzili & Associates use the arraignment stage to 1) gather all helpful discovery, 2) speak with prosecutors about resolving your case 2) develop strategy.

Your attorney will likely enter a “Not Guilty” plea and request a Pretrial date.   This date will customarily be about 30 day away.  The 30 day period between the arraignment is important for Attorneys Arzili & Avail, because they use it to digest new discovery, negotiate with prosecutors and prepare strategy for trial.

What happens in the Pretrial in Norwalk?

At the pretrial stage in the Norwalk Court, Attorneys Arzili & Associates will meet with prosecutors to attempt to resolve your case.  The negotiations will likely yield an “offer” from the prosecution that is then relayed to their clients.  Attorneys Arzili & Associates will then sit down with the client and discuss the offer, its positives, negatives and consequences.  While Attorneys Arzili & Associates will never make the decision for the client, they will advise them whether its wise or not to take the offer being extended.

In the Norwalk Criminal Court, if the offer is rejected, the case is then set on the Jury Trial Calendar.  It is possible that attorneys Arzili & Associates may ask for another pretrial date in hopes of negotiating further with the hopes of resolving the case.

It is also possible that Criminal Attorneys Arzili & Associates may decide to file motions, such as a suppression motion, or a motion to dismiss based on a violation of rights.  This would be heard at the next hearing.

I didn’t want to take a plea bargain deal at pretrial, what happens next?

If there is no resolution, then the case gets set on the court’s jury trial calendar.   The first appearance on the Jury Trial Calendar is considered a 0-10 which means the prosecution has ten days to bring your case to trial.  If both sides are ready, the case will start on the 7 or 8 of 10 date.

It is very common for jury trial dates to be pushed back several times before a trial actually starts.  There are numerous reasons why trial dates are pushed back, but mostly it has to do with conflicts in the attorneys calendar and more time for preparation.

What should I expect at trial?

Once trial starts, it will not be anything like your previous appearances in court.  Your previous appearances have likely been very brief.   Once trial starts, you should expect to be in court all day.  Most trials in Norwalk will take most of the morning and all of the afternoon.   If you have child care or work issues, you need to make accommodations to be in court at 9 a.m. and possibly not leave till 430 or 5 p.m.

The length of your criminal trial is based on the following factors:  1) complexity of your case, 2) if you have co-defendants, 3) calendar congestion in the courtroom.

The shortest Felony Jury Trial will last 3 or 4 days.  Attorneys Arzili & Associates have been part of trials that have lasted up to a month or more.

Does Norwalk Court have a Reputation?

Back in the day, Norwalk Court was sometimes called “No-Walk” for its no-nonsense approach and tough sentencing.   Attorneys Arzili & Associates believe that it is unfair to label an entire court as being a certain way.  Obviously, the court is made up of many different Judges and Prosecutors, each with their own way of handling their cases.  With that said, it is obviously important to hire attorneys that know all the judges and prosecutors in your courthouse.

Overall, Norwalk Court is a fair place to practice criminal defense with Judges that follow the law and dispense it with fairness and discretion.

How can I know what to expect in Norwalk Court for my case?

The only way we give you that kind of personalized consultation is to meet with you or speak with you on the phone.  If you call us, please have your date of birth, case number and court date, so that we can find out more information about your case.

For a free consultation, email us or call us at 562 907-4448.

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